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Foreign Currency Direct PLC

As part of a joint incentive with our currency exchange partners, Foreign Currency Direct Plc, we are offering all of our UK based clients €100 towards the cost of their next viewing with Sunsoka Property.

Before you head out to Spain, we will put you in contact with Foreign Currency Direct, who will send you a Visa Debit card in your name that will arrive with you before you fly over. As soon as you have met with us on a property viewing, we will activate your card with €100 for you to spend however you please.

We obviously hope that you fall in love with one of our properties, but if not there are no strings attached and you’ve gained €100.

Simply email us and we will send you everything you need to register for your £100 Free.

FCD-banner-moving-abroad-165x140We have teamed up Foreign Currency Direct as they are one of the largest and longest standing currency brokerages in the UK. They’re recognised by the FCA, which means your money is always protected and the exchange rates they offer can beat the banks by up to 4%. That’s up to £400 saved on every £10,000 transferred. The reason? They are specialists in foreign exchange, deal in extremely high volumes and don’t have the banking systems high overheads of multiple outlets and high staffing costs. They help make the whole process of buying in Spain stress-free and simple by offering a proactive service that caters for your personal needs.

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